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2015 CreekFest Full Schedule


CreekFest Schedule of Events

Thursday, June 18
Beer Tent Opens (4pm-midnight)
Shell Camino Monster Truck Rides begin ($8pp, 2/$15)
Carnival opens, 5pm-7pm free rides, $1 rest of night (5pm-11pm)
Family Fun Campfire Stories at Brandon Twp Public Library

Friday, June 19
Carnival $20 all day wristband or $1/ride (Noon – 11pm)
Beer Tent (4pm-2am)
BB&E Farmers Market – Kids Night in Crossman Park (6pm-9pm)
Shell Camino Monster Truck Rides – Pond Street Parking Lot

Saturday, June 20
Vendor check-in
OUMC Pancake Breakfast (8-10:30)
CreekFest Parade Line up at Fletcher Intermediate School
CreekFest Market, Exhibitors, Demonstrations Open
Hoop it Up 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament (9am – 8pm) at Brandon Fletcher Int. School Gym
Beer Tent (9am-2am)
Parade from Fletcher Intermediate School to the Old Grist Mill
Jail Opens (Masonic Lodge), Old Mann Schoolhouse open all day
Grist Mill Café (10-4)
Opening Ceremonies, Blessing of the Creek
Michigan and Grand Rapids Ghostbusters by Art of Life
Shell-Camino Monster Truck Rides all day from Pond Street Parking Lot ($8pp, 2/$15)
Tractor Show by Thompson’s Hardware
Dulcimers at the Old Grist Mill (11-2)
Silent Antiques and Collectibles Auction at Old Grist Mill, ends at 3pm
Heritage Playground and Old Tyme Games at the Old Grist Mill
Carnival (11am-11pm)
Yoga4U, 30 minute free class at Old Grist Mill Campus
Top Hill Tree Farm Wagon Ride (behind CBCCU)
Kearsley Creek Troll (12:00 – 4:00)
Beer tent opens (Noon to Midnight)
Birds of Prey at Grist Mill Campus
Yoga4U at Kearsley Creek
Birds of Prey at Grist Mill Campus
Earliest CreekFest Market Closing time (vendors may elect to stay open until beer tent closes)
Fireworks at dusk
Beer tent closes

Sunday, June 21
BBQ Rib Battle Check-in (Regiani Parking Lot)
Hoop it Up 3 on 3 Basketball Tournament at Brandon Fletcher Int. School Gym
Motorcycle Show/Parking at front Post Office Parking Lot
Yoga4U at Old Grist Mill Campus
CreekFest Market, Exhibitors, Demonstrations Open
Kearsley Creek Troll (12:00 – 4:00)
Jail Opens (Masonic Lodge)
Watermelon Grab (12 – 4pm)
Carnival and Beer Tent open (noon – 6pm)
Shell Camino Monster Truck Rides at Pond Street Parking Lot all day ($8, 2/$15)
Gaia Singers throughout town during the day
Pet Parade, superhero theme at CF Central
Monarch Migration at Heritage Garden
Water Dancers at Kearsley Creek
Bed Races- Amos Orton Nursery Rhymes on South Street
Rotary Club Duck Race on Kearsley Creek
BBQ Rib Battle judging, raffle and awards

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Kearsley Creek Bed Races

Kearsley Creek Bed Races, June 21 2015 3pm on South Street in downtown Ortonville

bed race logo balnk

Bed Races 2015 Registration Form

Bed Races waiver

Creekbed race rules 2015

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CreekFest BBQ Rib Battle


3rd Annual CreekFest BBQ Rib Battle

June 21st, Regiani Holistic Dental Parking Lot

Check in: 8am Judging: 4pm

BBQ Grill Raffle – Grill donated by Hamilton’s Propane

BBQ Rib Battle 2015 Flyer


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Monarch “Migration”, Sunday June 21st during CreekFest in Downtown Ortonville


butterfly2Kids from 4 to 94 and pets are flexing their monarch wings, getting ready to “fly” in the Ortonville Monarch “Migration” on Sunday, June 21, the last day of Ortonville’s 2015 CreekFest celebration. Calling attention to the peril of the iconic monarch butterfly, whose numbers have decreased dramatically in recent years, people and pets will gather at 1:00 PM on Sunday, June 21, at Heritage Garden, a Monarch Waystation at Church and Mill Streets, next to Old Township Hall. They’ll learn about the Monarch’s amazing migration, then put on or carry their monarch wings, and “fly” four blocks to the West, to CreekSide Garden, our second Monarch Waystation next to Kearsley Creek by the Old Mill..

(Note: The 2015 “migration” route is the reverse of last year’s route, starting instead of ending at Heritage Garden.)

Starting on April 15, Monarch wings will be available at the Village Offices for a donation to Monarch Watch. Monarch wings can also be home-made, or purchased on the internet.

The monarch cannot complete its life-cycle without milkweed, its larval host-plant. Milkweed has been disappearing from our local landscape, (largely due to development and herbicides). Participants will be shown the native milkweed growing in both Monarch Waystations, and they’ll be given milkweed starts to take home and plant in their home gardens.

It was only when people began tagging monarchs that the magnitude of their migration feat was realized: flying from Mexico 15,000 miles to Canada in one season, over four generations. Soon after that discovery, the monarch’s numbers began to plummet, largely due to agricultural insecticides and herbicides and the loss of milkweed, the Monarch’s larval host-plant, casting doubt on the monarch’s continuation as a species.

In addition to the “Migration” on June 21, Monarch impersonators are invited to “fly” in the Ortonville CreekFest Parade, on Saturday, June 20, starting at 10:00 am at Fletcher School, and ending at the Old Mill.

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Thank You CreekFest and Fireworks Sponsors


2015 CreekFest and Fireworks Sponsors

Many thanks to these generous sponsors, all who contributed, and to the extraordinary volunteers in our community who have helped make this celebration weekend happen.

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CreekFest Welcomes 2014 Vendors

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  • Linda “Butterfly” Jones Butterfly/dragonfly suncatchers made from pop bottles 
  • My Fun Faces, facepainting
  • Vi’s Polish Cuisine, hot dogs, Smoked polish sausage, Pierogi, Stuffed Cabbage (Golumpki), and The Big Polish Platter
  • L&M Kettle Corn, fresh popped kettle corn, icy sno-cones
  • Magnabilities Interchangeable Magnetic Jewelry with Independant Consultant Jackie Bobb
  • WildTree Organic Foods with Independant Consultant Brenda Keith
  • Scentsy Wickless Candles with Independant Consultant Rachel Hoover
  • Lily’s Lather, handmade soaps and upcycled furniture
  • Almond R Nuts, Cinnamon roasted nuts
  • Motor City Franks, Detroit Dogs, Michigan Dogs, and Chicago Dogs
  • JR’s Concessions, elephant ears, funnels cakes, etc.
  • Narrativity Artisan Coffee, hot beverages and Roasted Coffee
  • Hogs N Hogs, BBQ!
  • Paramount Signs and Graphix
  • Velata with Independant Consultant Mary Kae Palloni
  • Premier Designs Jewelry with Independant Consultant Danielle Bartsoff
  • Thirty One with Independant Consultant Regina Halatsis
  • Connie Reinart, Garden Crafts, Hot & Spicy Fruit Jams, and Candies
  • Tastefully Simple with Independant Consultant Ann Marie Jakobiak
  • Mary Ferrier, Sand Art, Toys, and Jewelry
  • Ned’s Pretzels, Gourmet Pretzels and Treats
  • VFW Post 582 Ortonville, Raffle Tickets and Membership Drive
  • Sheila Cope, Free Massage at Finish of CreekFest Run and Massage services and products available all weekend.
  • Scruffy to Fluffy Pet Salon, Carnival style games, dog products, raffle and portion of proceeds to Devoted Friends
  • Razzle Dazzle Cheer Academy
  • MM Specialty, Cajun spices and seasonings, handmade cards, picture frames
  • Ecology Products, Air Purifiers
  • Etch Works, Sand Blast Art
  • Wine Chimes, Wind chimes made from recycled wine bottles
  • Rotary Club Ortonville, Ducks for Duck Race on Sunday 2pm in Kearsley Creek
  • Maggie & Minnie, Dog collars and dog themed artwork
  • National Honor Society Brandon High School, water
  • Masonic Temple, Boxed Lunches
  • Eastern Stars
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CreekFest Introduces “Monarch Migration” Butterfly event


Have Wings?  Will Migrate

The CreekFest Committee is working with Brandon Schools toward a special activity to take place within CreekFest, (June 20-22) , called the Ortonville Monarch Flash-mob Migration. 

Recognizing the peril of our iconic monarch butterfly, whose numbers have decreased dramatically in recent years, kids from 4 to 94 will gather at 1:00 PM on Sunday, June 22, at CreekSide Garden next to Kearsley Creek by the Old Mill, put on or carry their monarch wings, and “fly” three blocks to the East to Heritage Garden at Church and Mill Streets.  Pets are welcome to “migrate” as well.  Little tots may join the “migration” at 1:15 at the CreekFest stage, at South and Mill Streets.

When they arrive at Heritage Garden, an adult “monarch” will tell them the story of the amazing annual monarch migration from Mexico all the way to Canada and back again.   The monarch cannot complete its life-cycle without milkweed, its larval host-plant, and milkweed has been disappearing from our local landscape, (largely due to development and herbicides).  Participants will be shown the native milkweed growing there, and milkweed seeds and starts, raised in several Brandon classrooms, will be given to each, to take home and plant in their home gardens, making sure there are nectar-bearing plants there for the butterflies once they’ve hatched.

Heritage Garden was certified a few years ago as a Monarch Waystation.  CreekSide Garden will be certified on June 22, to kick off the “migration”.  Both gardens, (native landscapes) have been certified by the National Wildlife Federation as Wildlife Habitats.  Immediately following the “Migration”, the documentary Flight of the Butterflies will be shown (free admission) at the Old Township Hall.   The film documents the discovery of the monarchs’ remarkable migration routes that until recently were completely unknown.  It was only when people began tagging monarchs that the magnitude of their migration feat was realized.  Soon after that discovery, the monarch’s numbers began to plummet, largely due to agricultural insecticides and the loss of milkweed, casting doubt on the monarch’s continuation as a species.

Elementary school teachers and students are helping by raising milkweed in their classrooms, and, with some luck, monarch chrysalises for release at the end of the “migration”.   Monarch wings and kits are available at the Village Offices for a donation to Monarch Watch.   For more information, contact Lois Robbins at (248) 969-2518

The Ortonville Monarch Migration takes place on June 22nd, the last day of CreekFest, which spans four days this year, June 19-22.  CreekFest organizers are expecting over 2000 people to show up for the fun.  In addition to the Monarch Migration, CreekFest will feature a two-day market, a bigger-than-ever parade , a Headwaters King, Queen, , a Carnival,  Beer Tent, Fireworks, Amos Orton and Wife Lookalike Contest, a 10 K run and Minnow-Mile,  an Ortonville Has Talent contest,  Bed Races, a Bridge Troll Booth, a stunt-horse, a stage with live entertainment, and lots more!

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CreekFest Parade, June 21, 2014, Starting at 10am

cf13_0194 parade



With the success of last year’s 2013 Creekfest Parade, this letter is a cordial invitation to be a participant in a growing tradition in the village of Ortonville. The 2014 Creekfest Parade in Downtown Ortonville.

Last year’s parade covered a route of about 1/3 of a mile and was attended by and estimated 500+ of families, kids, adults and friends. It was taped by the local public access TV station and was broadcast on a weekly schedule. The variety of participants made it an exceptional fun event to attend. But this year, we want to “up the ante” as they say to surpass last year’s 40+ group participants.

We would like you to be a participant to “show off” your business, group or organization with your involvement. There are no fees for you to enter into the parade (excluding political entries). This is a great way to get exposure or recognition to the public that you/your business or organization are around and actively involved in the community. If your business, group or organization is in the surrounding community, don’t you want the public (new and old) to know who and where you are? Don’t you want to show off your trade or cause? This is a great way to advertise and let the public know you are ready for business and the more creativity, the more attention your business will get.

And the creativity is up to you…you can utilize vehicles, floats, trailers, tractors, ATV’s, motorcycles, Dune Buggies, decorations, bicycles, wagons, animals (w/pooper scoopers) or good ole fashion walking as a group. And yes, we said “floats”…they are welcomed and encouraged. Obviously we want all involved to be a shining star and to take pride in showing off your business. We also want this to be exciting for you and all attending. And of course what a great opportunity to get pictures or video of your owners, bosses, employees, and overall participation for your website, Twitter, Facebook or any media avenue. Some of the participants last year got great coverage (local newspaper, FB hits/tags, website postings, television coverage, etc) due to their creativity.

We really would like to encourage you to be a part. Even if it is walking or having a vehicle with the name of your business on the side of it. Below {page 2} we have a list of basic rules & regulations that we ask you to abide by. Please respond by “Thursday JUNE 19th; 5pm” as we have to place each participant and orchestrate the timing. Staging time will be from 8:30– 9:45am the morning of the parade and ‘step off will be at 10:00am sharp’.

We thank you for your consideration and hoped involvement with the “2014 Ortonville Creekfest Parade”

Warm Regards,

Randy Adam
2014 Creekfest Parade Director


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CreekFest Fact Sheet

Why is CreekFest important?

Because Ortonville’s Cool Jewel is Kearsley Creek, a designated trout stream and headwaters to the Flint River and Saginaw Bay.

 How many towns can boast a designated trout stream?


Because Kearsley Creek runs right through our town. The Creek is a living link with Ortonville’s past, and part of our heritage, just as is the Old Mill, which stands on its banks.

BecauseIn addition to Kearsley Creek, Brandon Township has the headwaters of two other rivers: Paint Creek and the Clinton River.

Because Ortonville was honored in 2011 by Main Street Oakland County as its most outstanding event.  Our Creek is a rallying point  to revitalize our downtown.

Events like CreekFest bring the town together and highlight our local businesses.

Because our town has a focal point – The Old Mill and the Creek – unique features that tell us we are home.

Becausewe love our creeks.

The Ortonville DDA/Main Street program proudly presents Ortonville’s ninth annual CreekFest on June 2, 2012, in downtown Ortonville.  CreekFest is an opportunity to celebrate Kearsley Creek, our designated trout stream, and other waterways in the township.

Since 2003, CreekFest has been bringing attention to water quality issues in Brandon Township. The event has been a key element in meeting the Township’s Phase II EPA storm water management requirements.

For more information, contact Molly Lalone,

Director, Ortonville Downtown Development Authority

 (248) 627-8070

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CreekFest 2013 – Amos Orton Look A Like Contest

 Sponsored by Ortonville Historic Society

 Men Wanted!


Men with interesting facial hair, that is!

Contest will take place on The Old Mill front porch at 12:30pm June 29th during CreekFest.  1st place wins $50 cash and a family membership to The Old Mill Museum and Historical Society.  Bring those beards!  (must be natural facial hair – no substitutes accepted.)

Printable Poster (PDF download) Orton Lookalike Poster

Registration (PDF download) Registration -Amos Orton Lookalike Contest

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CreekFest 2013 – Kearsley Creek Bed Races


Creek Bed Race Flyer


Kearsley Creek Bed Race Rules (PDF Download) Creekbed Rules

Kearsley Creek Bed Race Design Guidelines (PDF Download) Bed Design

Kearsley Creek Bed Race Registration (PDF Download) bed race registration 2013

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