The Revitalization Grant Program provides partial funding for eligible façade improvements and/or signage (up to $1500) for commercial or mixed use buildings inside Village of Ortonville limits.  This program is available to property owners or business tenants. For new or expanding businesses within the Village of Ortonville, but outside of the Tax Incremented Funding (TIF) boundaries, funds may be available.

Except as otherwise noted in these guidelines, a maximum reimbursement of $1,500 per building annually may be paid by the Downtown Development Authority (DDA).  Annual reimbursement is defined by our fiscal year, July to June.  This ceiling will be reviewed annually and may be adjusted according to funds available for the Revitalization Grant Program.

Before your project starts, the DDA must approve the Grant in order for you to have the opportunity to receive full reimbursement.  Any new or proposed change may be subject to approval by the Village of Ortonville and applicant is responsible for obtaining such approval.


  1. Contact the Ortonville DDA for Revitalization Grant Program guidelines and application
  2. Submit completed application with appropriate attachments to the DDA office
  3. The DDA Board of Directors approves application if applicant follows appropriate recommendations and when funds are available.


Submit the following to the DDA office (mail to PO Box 84, drop off at 476 Mill, or e-mail to

  1. Completed Application
  2. As appropriate for type of project:  signed and sealed building plans, building elevation, site plans, building permits, product drawings, specifications and installation details as required by the Design Committee
  3. Official cost estimates from contractors, vendors, or architects on their business stationery

For consideration at regular monthly DDA Design Committee meetings, the deadline for submittal of Revitalization Grant Program applications with all required information is the first Monday of each month.   A decision will be rendered at the monthly DDA Board of Directors meeting, usually the fourth Monday of the month.


  1. The DDA Design Committee reviews the application.  Applications shall be on file for review by the DDA Board.  The DDA Design Committee decides to support the project, ask for modifications of the project, or rejects the project based on recommendations of experts
  2. Applicant may be required to attend a Design Committee meeting to make a presentation and review the application with the committee
  3. Projects requiring an appearance before the Village’s Board of Review are finalized by providing such approval to the DDA director.
  4. Modification to the plan or approved application must be referred back to the Design Committee
  5. Construction may begin upon DDA approval and acquisition of required permits
  6. During construction, the DDA Executive Director must authorize any changes to the approved scope of work or the DDA may rescind the funding commitment.

Payment Procedure

After project completion, applicants receive Revitalization Grant Program disbursement upon:

  1. approval of final village inspection (if required)
  2. submittal of copies of paid invoices for approved work to DDA Executive Director

The DDA Executive Director reviews submitted invoice and prepares a check request.  The check request is submitted by the DDA Executive Director to the DDA Board of Directors Treasurer. DDA Executive Director mails check to applicant or notifies applicant when check is ready for pick up.

Eligible Applicants

Owners and/or tenants of structures located within the Village of Ortonville may apply for the Revitalization Grant Program funds.

Eligible Buildings/Applicants

Any existing or proposed commercial building located within the Village of Ortonville is eligible for Revitalization Grant Program Funds.  Because the Revitalization Grant Program is a business recruitment and retention tool, new building construction and building additions – for new or expanding businesses – will be given priority.

Projects approved for Revitalization Grant Funds must comply with all applicable Village of Ortonville codes and ordinances.  Projects may require a building permit and/or a site plan approved by the Village of Ortonville.

Eligible Improvements

  1. Repairs to Sign or Replacement of sign
  2. Full façade: painting, trim, and or siding
  3. Awnings
  4. Architectural Elements or Details
  5. Hardscape Materials (only materials are reimbursable) such as pavers, retaining walls, landscape rocks.
  6. ADA Compliant additions or repairs to entrances

Ineligible Improvements

Tasks not specifically stated as eligible expenses may not reimbursable.  Examples of these are:

  1. Expenses incurred prior to DDA approval
  2. Routine  Yearly Maintenance
  3. Repairs covered by Insurance
  4. Interior improvements
  5. Property acquisition
  6. Loan Fees, mortgage/land contract refinance
  7. Appraiser, attorney, interior decorator or designer fees
  8. Village of Ortonville site plan, building or sign permit fees
  9. Personal property (furnishing, trade fixtures)
  10. Any expenses paid in goods or services
  11. Landscaping except materials for hardscape
  12. Site improvements in conjunction with a Village Special Assessment District
  13. Wages to applicant or relatives, unless licensed to do such work


Approved applicants shall be subject to all Revitalization Grant Program guidelines and all amendments thereto.  The commencement and completion dates will be “best guess” estimates that are mutually acceptable to the applicant and DDA.  In the event that actual physical construction on a project has not commenced within 60 days of the DDA funding commitment date, or if a project has not been completed and has not been granted Certificate of Completion within one year (365) of the DDA funding commitment date, the DDA will re-evaluate the status of that project.  At its discretion, the DDA reserves the right to cancel the commitment.

Other Program Guidelines

  1. There must be a period of 13 months between reimbursement and a new application from the same property address unless a change in business ownership occurs
  2. The total amount awarded to a property and/or tenant for the same store unit address, during a fiscal year period may not exceed $1,500
  3. Whenever the property ownership changes, the new owner is eligible for Revitalization Grant Program Funds.  When a change of ownership occurs, the DDA may consider factors such as prior improvements.  Further eligibility shall be at the sole discretion of the DDA Board of Directors.  A new fiscal year timetable and $1,500 maximum would apply to the new owner
  4. At the DDA Board’s discretion, an exception to any Revitalization Grant Program guidelines may be approved in the event of special conditions or situations
  5. All Revitalization Grant Program projects are subject to the audit by the Village of Ortonville
  6. All Revitalization Grant projects must adhere to the DDA Design Guidelines. The DDA will be relying on the expert opinions of Oakland County architects and the National Trust for Historical Preservation as to specifications such as material, colors, design, etc.