The purpose of the Revitalization Grant Program is to provide funding to commercial and mixed use buildings  additions or improvements the façade or sign.  The Design Committee of Ortonville DDA wants to strengthen the economic viability of downtown Ortonville by providing financial incentives for improving the exterior of existing buildings and constructing new commercial buildings.  The Revitalization Grant Program provides an opportunity to preserve the architectural heritage and enhance the unique atmosphere of downtown Ortonville.  The best approach to encouraging compatible downtown building design is through preservation of a building’s original architectural features whenever possible.   The Revitalization Grant Program promotes this intent by focusing on this reimbursement program as a primary business recruitment tool.

The minimum project cost for the Revitalization Grant Program eligibility is $250.00.  The maximum reimbursement amount per project is $1,500.  Funds for the Revitalization Grant Program will be reviewed annually on a fiscal basis and will only be operable if funds are available.

If a commercial building is a multi-tenant building, each separate unit with an individual storefront façade and an independent ground floor entry shall be eligible to receive Revitalization Grant Program funds.

Applicants receive disbursement of Revitalization Grant Funds after completion of project, approval of work by a final Village inspection (if necessary), and submittal of copies of paid invoices for approved expenses to the DDA Executive Director.

Grant program application