CreekFest Headwaters Queen

CreekFest 2016

Nominations Sought for Headwaters Queen

Nominations are open for the Headwaters Queen, age 16 – 20, to reign over the CreekFest Celebration on June 11, 2016.

Please send your letter of nomination with a pdf photo of the nominee, postmarked no later than Thursday, June 2 to Molly Lalone, Ortonville Downtown Development Authority, PO Box 84, Ortonville, MI 48462, or email it by 5:00 PM  Monday, June 6 to .

Your letter should explain how the person you are nominating  demonstrates alignment with the vision and mission of CreekFest:

CreekFest Vision

Our vision is a community where natural resources are abundant and our history are cherished by all.  

Community members understand the importance of our waterways in local and distant ecosystems, and our responsibility in keeping these waters clean.  

Our community respects and values the historic skills and trades used by the first settlers in Ortonville.

CreekFest Mission

CreekFest Brings together people interested in the stewardship, conservation and recreational use of our waterways, and in honoring our community’s past by preserving and learning historic skills and trades.

CreekFest does this by providing family fun and educational opportunities that foster appreciation for our local history and our natural heritage, emphasizing our responsibility to maintain both for future generations.

CreekFest highlights the vitality of the Ortonville community exemplified by its still vibrant natural and cultural amenities.

The Headwaters Queen  will ride in the CreekFest parade from Brandon Fletcher Intermediate School to The Old Grist Mill starting at 10:00 AM on Saturday, June 11.

In collaboration with the Ortonville Area Historical Society, this year’s CreekFest will feature demonstrations and displays of historic skills and trades, as well as stewardship and conservation information, music and family fun.

CreekFest is a River Day Celebration held in Downtown Ortonville, MI. Downtown Ortonville is a nationally accredited Main Street Community.